Radio 3

Does it get a bad press, when it plays music and concerts as good as this one. It should nt


Best Symphony Openings

  • A quick list of my favourite symphony opening bars in no particular order.
    • Beethoven no6 Pastoral symphony
    • Schubert no8 unfinished
    • Mahler no2 Resurrection
    • Beethoven no 5
    • Mendelssohn no4 Italian
    • Vaughan Williams no3 Pastoral

    Weekly listening

    Unfortunately work has been getting in the way of listening to music but have caught the odd sone on radio 3 and i did try the new Scala radio yesterday to see what it was like.

    Highlight of the week was a new playlist that Spotify had done for me.

    Loved it. Particularly liked the :

    1. cello Concerto in C minor by Kurt Atterberg
      Symphony no 21 Kaddish by Mieczyslaw Weinberg
  • 2 new composers to me, though they lived in the early to middle of the 20th century.
  • I would check them out Truls Mork was the soloist on the Atterberg , CBSO on the Weinberg
  • Bach

    My latest obsession is the keyboard music of Bach.

    Partitas played by Murray Perahia

    WTC by András Schiff

    Long may this continue. It is music that calms and brings happiness to my tortured and troubled mind

    Beethoven Piano Concerto no 4

    I was 19 when i first heard this at a concert in Nottingham. The London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andre Previn, with Emmanuel Ax as the soloist.

    I was in my first year studying Economics and used my student discount, think the ticket cost me £5. I was beginning to get interested  in Classical Music After watching Amadeus the Fantastic movie. I had a listened to a huge amount of Mozart after that but wanted to hear something live. So why not ! ideas interested in seeing Andre Previn to see if he was more than just the fall guy for Morecombe and Wise.

    It was a concert of 4’s :

    Mendelssohn 4 symphony : Beethoven 4th Piano Concerto: Brahms 4th Symphony

    I remember liking the Mendelssohn abut the finale of the Beethoven just blew me away and I have loved it ever since. The best performance I have ever seen or listened to was the Paul Lewis performance at the proms a few years ago.

    Look it up its on you tube


    John Field

    An Irish Composer, but really a composer you probably have never heard of but should have.

    Romantic – lived from 1782 to 1837

    His music is very much in the mold of Chopin, very romantic in nature.

    Key work for me : Variations on Kamarinskaya